The packing gland is located under the aft berth cushion.

A properly adjusted shaft packing gland should drip slightly (from

1 to 2 drops per minute) with the engine off. Too loose an adjustment will allow too much water in the bilge and engine operation will spray water from the shaft. Too tight an adjustment will fob the engine of power, and the lack of water lubrication in the packing gland can generate enough heat to damage the gland and/or score the propeller shaft.


1. Hold the packing nut with one wrench, use a second wrench to loosen the lock nut. Turn the lock nut far enough to keep it from interfering with the next adjustment (2 or 3 turns.).

2. Tighten the packing nut to obtain 4 to 15 drops per minute. Hand tightening of the packing nut is often sufficient to obtain this adjustment. If this is not the case, an additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn with the wrench should produce the desired results.

3. Hold the packing nut in place with one wrench, and use the second wrench to bring the locking nut securely against the packing nut. Make certain that the locking nut is tight. Failure to do this could allow the packing nut to back off when the engine is operating.

4. Operate the engine at slow speeds in forward and reverse and use a light to check for excessive water at the packing nut. Shut off the engine and recheck packing for proper drip.

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