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C27 Owners Manual

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1987 Facorty DWG - IB Shaft/Packing Detail 1995 Factory Dwg - IB Shaft Rigging Chart - STD. & Tall Rig Inertnal Halyard Masthead Assembly Spreader Bracket Assembly Halyard Arrangement Rigging Length Checklist

Location Grids


Galley Aft

Galley Forward


Project Layout

Catalina suggest you print a catalog page, circle what you want, and FAX it to their parts department Big PDF > Pages 1 - 12 C27 Parts Catalogue
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New P/N C27 Parts List
Hint > Find a part's description in drawings of the Catalogue then find it in the parts list.
Big PDF > Pages 13 - 27
Big PDF > Pages 28 - 41
Big PDF > Pages 42 - 55

Seward Princess 
Marine Stove Manual
PDF file submitted by 
Mark Brownhill
Seward Princess Marine Stove Manual
../images/spsm1.jpg ../images/spsm2.jpg ../images/spsm3.jpg ../images/spsm4.jpg ../images/spsm5.jpg ../images/spsm6.jpg ../images/spsm7.jpg ../images/spsm8.jpg ../images/spsmop.jpg ../images/spsop2.jpg ../images/spspl.jpg  

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