Welcome to the home of the new Sacramento (CA) NTrak Club. Our goal is to do what most NTrak clubs do; increase public awareness of our hobby by displaying and running trains (as well as teaching and increasing our knowledge of the history of our area), sharing modeling expertise and help, and having a good time. While all eras and railroads will be welcomed, the plan is to focus on modeling the greater Sacramento (northern California) area when the railroads played a much greater part (pre 1970s). This does not mean that modern superpower and unit trains are not invited to share the rails (they are), but the fallen flags of the Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe, Sacramento Northern, Tidewater Southern, and others (along with the Union Pacific) will be the main focus. Modelers of all levels of experience are invited to join as this is to be a place to help increase everyone’s knowledge and share your specific talents. The only requirements are a love of N scale trains and that you live somewhere close enough where you can participate. Meetings are once a month, usually the third weekend of the month. For those who meet these requirements:   Come on in!


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Next Show: Great Train Show - Sacramento, CA

January 6-7, 2018 10AM - 4PM

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