SVN Photo Gallery

Capitol City NTrak (our original name) held its first “work day” on Sunday, 26 June 2005. Jeff and Jim got together to work on one of the club’s new corner modules. (After this early posting we've opted to usethe photo section of the SVN Yahoo Group)

First Work Day

Laying Track on Corner Module

Southern Pacific C-28 on Corner Module

SP GP-9 on Corner Module

This is a 4-foot corner module, with standard Red-, Yellow- and Blue Lines (triple-track main) on both edges. There is a turnout on the Blue Line with the diverging route leading to the alternate blue location, so this module can connect standard NTRAK to standard NTRAK or N2k.

The benchwork is 3/8-inch plywood on 1×3 framing. Cork roadbed was laid directly on the plywood with Liquid Nails adhesive. The tracks are Atlas code 80, and all track is soldered. The track was originally secured to the roadbed with undiluted white glue, but the white glue didn't like the winter weather so it has been replaced with Liquid Nails. Ballast will be added later to help keep the track in place. (We would have done all the trackwork, but we ran out of flextrack!)